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Gallery Folders

II . Melancholy by Rowye
Kobayashi-san Maid Dragon - team group by Xeno-Photography
Mulan by TheLittleArtyThing
Unlucky XIII - Chapter One - Page 1 by ShikkieChan
Traditional Art CLOSED
Brother Voodoo by IanJMiller
Goddesses of War - Witch of the Hills by RafaelGiovannini
Rouge of the wild by gizmo01
French Toast by PutyatinaEkaterina
Traditional Art 2 CLOSED
MOON IS HERE!!! by cmoontoon
Draw 2017 by draw-dubstep
VV # 307 From The Lighthouse Window by handylight
MAKALA! by cmoontoon
Traditional Art 3 CLOSED
Locomotive 6,000 (colored) by horrorshowfreak
Who Remembers Lippy The Lion and Hardy Har Har by handylight
Emma Stone Brainwashed by Mind Control Chip! by XennerdRandom
.:FMC:. BISMUTH by Stu-nk
Traditional Art 4 CLOSED
Widowmaker by FirePokeMaster
Agnes Steeltrap (colored) by horrorshowfreak
Kana by FirePokeMaster
Iron Fist Attack Card by MustafaranMonster
Traditional Art 5 CLOSED
Captain Sao-Feng Attack Card by MustafaranMonster
Drag Bird Learns About Religion by Aaron-Jay
Sans Triggered by Aaron-Jay
VV306 Honoring The Old Farmer's Almanac Since 1792 by handylight
Traditional Art 6 CLOSED
Tahnok Attack Card by MustafaranMonster
Korra, my Hypnotized and Obedient Avatar SLAVE! by XennerdRandom
The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife by handylight
Beast Attack Card by MustafaranMonster
Traditional Art CLOSED
Music Bullet 3D Sketch by MustafaranMonster
Culture Today Makes Me Sick(copywritten) by Aaron-Jay
Broken Heart Beats Again by Aaron-Jay
Tut Tut, No Rain On This Fine Fall Day by handylight
Traditional Art 8 CLOSED
A Mystic Village Memory by handylight
Iron Man USB Drive 3D Sketch by MustafaranMonster
VV307 Happy Birthday Uncle Sam by handylight
A Memory Of Felix And Poindexter by handylight
Traditional Art 9 CLOSED
Plastic Pencil case sketch by MustafaranMonster
Another Successful Voyage by handylight
VV #305 Honoring America's First Barbie Doll by handylight
Master Cylinder And The Professor by handylight
Traditional Art 10 CLOSED
Hardcore Carnivore Hat 3D sketch by MustafaranMonster
Traditional Art 11 CLOSED
Atmospheric Perspective drawing by MustafaranMonster
Traditional Art 12 CLOSED
Underwater Friends Of Memory by handylight
Traditional Art 13 CLOSED
Summer At The Shore by handylight
Traditional Art 14 CLOSED
Cape Florida Lighthouse On Calmer Day by handylight
Trditional Art 15 CLOSED
Luxray Blast by Silver-Artemis-Moon
Traditional Art 16 CLOSED
Min by Silver-Artemis-Moon
Traditional Art 17 CLOSED
VV 303 Honoring Archie's Comic Book Cuties by handylight
Traditional 18 CLOSED
Facial Expressions + shadows #127 by EliTanDark
Traditional Art 19 CLOSED
Moire by FabianArtist
Traditional Art 20 CLOSED
Parceltongued by Aaron-Jay
Traditional Art 21 CLOSED
Luke Skywalker ROTJ inks by ArtSpillGalaxy
Traditional Art 22 CLOSED
Harley Quinn pencils by ArtSpillGalaxy
Traditional Art 23 CLOSED
Miss Daisy by Agua5
Traditional Art 24 CLOSED
Marvel's Black Panther Finished Pencils by BB-Artists
Traditional Art 25 CLOSED
Paty Cantu by GeorgeContreras
Traditional Art April 2018
Blurred Dimension by EmeraldGreen6074
Digital Art CLOSED
Guardian by S-k-y-F-r-e-e
Digital Art 2 CLOSED
Shouto Todoroki by FirePokeMaster
Digital Art 3 CLOSED
Commission: Lily, Emmy and Fluffy by Muggyy
Digital Art 4 CLOSED
UFO Robot Grendizer series - Saucer Beast GameGame by GearGades
Digital Art 5 CLOSED
Tessa Refsheet by GirlWithTheGreenHat
Digital Art 6 CLOSED
Brynhildr by KatouShinobu
Digital Art 7 CLOSED
[WOY] The Triplets by Margo-sama
Digital Art 8 CLOSED
Bonnie by Muggyy
Digital Art 9 CLOSED
Curipana design changes by Muggyy
Digital Art 10 CLOSED
COMI 02 by Mokafi
Digital Art 11 CLOSED
Dark Night by ShadowNuzlockes
Digital Art 12 CLOSED
Trade for Jethrokassis - KIOTH'RA by giums
Digital Art 13 CLOSED
Surprise Attack by Mr-Sage
Digital Art 14 CLOSED
Free Requests Opens!! by DrClosure
Digital Art 15 CLOSED
Fen's full design change by Muggyy
Digital Art 16 CLOSED
Sypha Sign by TswordZ
Digital Art 17 CLOSED
Shiemi by AquariusBatt
Digital Art 18 CLOSED
{Custom} Desert Bipanid by Flora-Tea
Digital Art 19 CLOSED
Skaldra by Muggyy
Digital Art 20 CLOSED
Muhabbete dost aradim by FurkanHolmes
Digital Art 21 CLOSED
Elegant Angel by RafaelGiovannini
Digital Art 22 CLOSED
comission by Yanshiki
Digital Art 23 CLOSED
Bakugo by YunaXD
Digital Art 24 CLOSED
170911-Drawing by Crunchy-Onion
Digital Art 25 CLOSED
Yamigarasu by yk93
Digital Art 26 CLOSED
Taldrin (art trade) by LuuPetitek
Digital Art 27 CLOSED
Commission work by yk93
Digital Art 28 CLOSED
The Sweetest Spell by Yutaan
Digital Art 29 CLOSED
~Sketch Commission ~ Anna Dubrowska by KotaVa
Digital Art 30 CLOSED
Casper the Friendzoned Ghost (Facebook post) by Sunaro182
Digital Art April 2018
Same as it ever was by lalalalanesart
DIY, Crafts and Costumes CLOSED
NieR: Automata -  YoRHa No.2 Type B by Xeno-Photography
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 2 CLOSED
O Captain, My Captain! - Warcraft Alliance cosplay by Carancerth
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 4 CLOSED
League of Legends Malzahar and Voidling Amigurumi by FluffyMochiCrafts
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 5 CLOSED
Hello Donna 4 - Heart of the Astoria Pg6 by GearGades
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 6 CLOSED
Hello Donna 4 - Heart of the Astoria Pg8 by GearGades
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 7 CLOSED
Hello Donna 4 - Heart of the Astoria Pg10 by GearGades
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 8 CLOSED
Welcome in Hell by Carancerth
DIY,Crafts andCostumes 9 CLOSED
Green Lantern by PatrickRichter
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 10 CLOSED
Sweeney Todd Japan Expo by Carancerth
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 11 CLOSED
Ragna the Bloodedge - Blazblue: Calamity Trigger by iBzrra
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 12 CLOSED

Mature Content

Kiba Inuzuka +Assassin AU+ by Arctic-RevoIution
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 13 CLOSED
Yuna Final Fantasy X-2 Songstress Cosplay by Ichi-Yume-Okashi
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 14 CLOSED
Ragnarok Online: Priest - Lex Divina by iBzrra
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 15 CLOSED
Misty and Ash Pokemon cosplay by UltraCosplay
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 16 CLOSED
Zero: Man of Miracles -  Code Geass by iBzrra
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 17 CLOSED
Pink Unicorn Ornament by CrimsonsCreations
DIY, Crafts and Costumes April 2018
OC commission by LightningSilver-Mana
Books,Stories,Poems,TEXT CLOSED

Mature Content

Books,Stories,Poems,TEXT 2 CLOSED
Hello Donna 4 - Heart of the Astoria Pg2 by GearGades
Books,Stories,Poems,Text 5 CLOSED
Hello Donna 4 - Heart of the Astoria Pg5 by GearGades
Books, Stories,Poems,Text 6 CLOSED
The Cats 9 Lives 6 - The Island of Dr. Morrow Pg92 by GearGades
Books, Stories,Poems,TEXT 8 CLOSED
108Torment in Sherwood by GearGades
Books,Stories,Poems, TEXT 9 CLOSED
The Cats 9 Lives 6 - The Island of Dr. MorrowPg101 by GearGades
Books,Stories,Poems, TEXT 10 CLOSED
The Cats 9 Lives 6 - The Island of Dr. MorrowPg102 by GearGades
Books,Stories,Poems,TEXT 11 CLOSED
The Cats 9 Lives 6 - The Island of Dr. MorrowPg103 by GearGades
Books, Stories, Poems, TEXT 12 CLOSED
Female Azir (League of Legends) by LiseWasTaken
Books,Stories,Poems, TEXT 14 CLOSED

Mature Content

The Auction story by Lespion1944 by TheBadLieutenant
Books,Stories,Poems, TEXT April 2018

Mature Content

Newest Members




Each month we choose from each folder three really impressive Deviations and add it into the featured folder.
By doing this we can showcase the members that deserved praise and recognition for their hard work and dedication.

Here are the artist showcased for the month of April:

Traditional Art:

Mulan by TheLittleArtyThing

Panter by emafar

Lana bee sketch 2 by Gem-D

Digital Art:

Harpie Lady Sisters by andytantowibelzark

II . Melancholy by Rowye

At Closing Hour v.2 by SlytherclawPadawan

DIY, Crafts and Costumes:

Kappa SFX Tutorial | NYX FACE AWARDS 2018 by RubyReminiscence

Bead Art Female Portrait by ArtSpillGalaxy

Kobayashi-san Maid Dragon - team group by Xeno-Photography

Books,Stories,Poems, TEXT:

Day DreamingI make believe you´ll be home late
and sit alone and quietly wait
I hear a slamming , a car door
and hope for footsteps in the hall.
The radio plays our favourite songs
I can even sometimes sing along,
The TV blasts the whole night through
a background noise, I never view.
Finally bed time is very late
it´s been in vain this long long wait.
My weary bones carried off to bed
and restless dreams fill me with dread.
All this day-dreaming might not seem fair
but to wake without you is ten times worse.
So my waiting begins again
you ´ll be home soon, just don´t know when.

DrownParalysed by the familiar old friend,
That same old longing for the end.
Trying to escape the familiar nightmare
Of a prison built from my despair.
I'm almost tearing my hair all out
While trying not to cry or shout.
Why do you leave me to fall down
Into Blue depths to slowly drown?
Struggling to keep my skin together,
Feeling about as strong as a feather.
I'm trying to escape the inescapable
And I will try for as long as I am able.
Blue and Black rise from deep within,
Spreading from my soul to my skin.
I feel the same old numbing pain
I thought I would never feel again.
Embraced by my unmissed muse
That I now know I can never lose.
I'm struggling to write or to rhyme
As I start to slowly drown inside.
My scars closed and healed long ago
But without wounds I'm still broken and low.
I can't find a way to lose the feeling
To feel something other than nothing.
I'm lost like a butterfly in a hurricane
Of voices screaming again and again,
Trying to

Unlucky XIII - Chapter One - Page 1 by ShikkieChan
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Group Info

This is a place for everyone who wants to showcase their skills.
This is a place for everyone who desires to improve in his craft.
This is a place for ANYONE who crave recognition for his hard work.

The best artworks on each folder will be added into the Featured folder each month.

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