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Gallery Folders

Happy Halloween! Witch Mercy :3 +NSFW by AdrianWolve
Overwatch - Nevermore Reaper by vaxzone
YGO 5D's Ver. 2.0 - Chap 1 - Page 23 by MonstaShokan
Gryphon with Pigeons by Nambroth
Traditional Art CLOSED
+Star Apocalypse WIP 2+ by larienne
Queen Serenity (Sailor moon) by Austin-Barnitz
Reflection by handylight
077 - pokemon gijinka-ponyta by Franky-Tiem
Traditional Art 2 CLOSED
MazdaTiger (cub version) by MazdaTiger
Barging in on Mid Grooming by Austin-Barnitz
Sunset Moutain by Vaporeon258
.PC. Smol beanio big beanio by Stu-nk
Traditional Art 3 CLOSED
Greys by Vaporeon258
xavanna by Shadow-corees
As The Fog Rolls In by handylight
Traditional Art 4 CLOSED
Wooden Shelf design by MustafaranMonster
Her Lighthouse On The Hill by handylight
Goal of the Golden Bastard by MustafaranMonster
Nina  by FirePokeMaster
Traditional Art 5 CLOSED
Winter Soldier Attack Card by MustafaranMonster
Point Prim Light, P.E.I. by handylight
Geita Coastal Lighthouse, askoll kingdom Norway by handylight
Heavenly Horizon by handylight
Traditional Art 6 CLOSED
The Captain's Sunrise by handylight
Sassy Bitch by EhX-KoR
Amethyst by Nepluz
Blast Box Specialty Card by MustafaranMonster
Traditional Art CLOSED
Vision Attack Card by MustafaranMonster
Buskirk Covered Bridge, Buskirk, N.Y. by handylight
Tripolar by ramkumariyer
Disturbed Mascot by SiccNTwistedpsycho
Traditional Art 8 CLOSED
Catching Snowflakes by handylight
Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful by MustafaranMonster
A Woman's Work Is Never Done by handylight
Voldemort's Wand Weapon Card by MustafaranMonster
Traditional Art 9 CLOSED
Lost by M0KAVI
Her Far East Light Of Mind by handylight
+Unexpected Kiss+ by larienne
Clay House Project by MustafaranMonster
Traditional Art 10 CLOSED
Who loves rain? by Nepluz
Traditional Art 11 CLOSED
Grey Skies Over Point Betsie Light, Mi. by handylight
Traditional Art 12 CLOSED
Cedar Island Lighthouse, N.Y. by handylight
Traditional Art 13 CLOSED
Commission for kawaiicaniball by ka-samy
Traditional Art 14 CLOSED
Thinks he's a Cobra  by Brok3nart
Trditional Art 15 CLOSED
+Moon River Mermaid+ by larienne
Traditional Art 16 CLOSED
Pastel by Brok3nart
Traditional Art 17 CLOSED
Threaten the Status Quo by jayDontae
Traditional 18 CLOSED
3 Years Later.. by jayDontae
Traditional Art 19 CLOSED
Till 3005.. by jayDontae
Traditional Art 20 CLOSED
Keep On.. by jayDontae
Traditional Art 21 CLOSED
Hobbit House inks by Jojorozian
Traditional Art 22 CLOSED
Inori Yuzuriha by mew2pwner95
Digital Art CLOSED
Cullen :3 by Airyciel
Digital Art 2 CLOSED
Jay Lucifer [ Experiment ] by KuppaJoe
Digital Art 3 CLOSED
Ndal by Vaporeon258
Digital Art 4 CLOSED

Mature Content

Sesio - Comission by 3ADD0G
Digital Art 5 CLOSED
Raverhound - Com by 3ADD0G
Digital Art 6 CLOSED
Jotaro Line work by Penzoom
Digital Art 7 CLOSED
Malloy - Comission by 3ADD0G
Digital Art 8 CLOSED
Sailor Moon by teriopi
Digital Art 9 CLOSED
meanwhile by maaariano
Digital Art 10 CLOSED
[WOY] Evening Rest by Margo-sama
Digital Art 11 CLOSED
[WOY] Obey The Nerd by Margo-sama
Digital Art 12 CLOSED
[SU] Peridot by Margo-sama
Digital Art 13 CLOSED
Ria Answers Question #1 by Mr-Sage
Digital Art 14 CLOSED
Wayfinder16 - Gorum Pots Leylines by FilKearney
Digital Art 15 CLOSED

Mature Content

Elina Vance 2 by HotGum
Digital Art 16 CLOSED
Impatient Patient by CyberII
Digital Art 17 CLOSED
Birds of Paradise Adopts (OPEN) by Adopt-From-Frog
Digital Art 18 CLOSED
The Beauty and the Ronin by ChibiPyro
Digital Art 19 CLOSED
Ancient Olympics (Commission) by Rowye
Digital Art 20 CLOSED

Mature Content

Unicorn girl2 (term6) by Ikemura-Hiroichi
Digital Art 21 CLOSED
Dessert Adopts (OPEN)  by Adopt-From-Frog
Digital Art 22 CLOSED
Water Barrier by Nele-Diel
Digital Art 23 CLOSED
[ First Meeting ] by AoshiNiKo
Digital Art 24 CLOSED
2017 by rizihike
Digital Art 25 CLOSED
I will FAVSTORM your gallery! by RandomVanGloboii
DIY, Crafts and Costumes CLOSED
Elizabeth - Bioshock Infinite by Lesciel
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 2 CLOSED
Zubat Plush by KittysPlushies
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 3 CLOSED
475 - Gallade by Devi-Tiger
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 4 CLOSED
League of Legends Malzahar and Voidling Amigurumi by FluffyMochiCrafts
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 5 CLOSED
466 - Electivire by Devi-Tiger
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 6 CLOSED
+Marshall Lee+ by Arctic-RevoIution
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 7 CLOSED
My Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Cosplay by Arctic-RevoIution
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 8 CLOSED
Lighting Demon Shan by GearGades
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 10 CLOSED
Wooden bookmark bunny by ChibiPyro
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 11 CLOSED
Hanayo - Cheer by SoraPaopu
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 12 CLOSED
Surf by Brok3nart
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 13 CLOSED
Yuna Final Fantasy X-2 Songstress Cosplay by Ichi-Yume-Okashi
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 14 CLOSED

Mature Content

Elkhound (Pastel Gore) [Commission] by Kliniki
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 15 CLOSED
+Love Live Devil+ by Arctic-RevoIution
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 16 CLOSED
Calling USS Enterprise by MissLittleOtaku
Books,Stories,Poems,TEXT CLOSED
-Love Live Devil- by Arctic-RevoIution
Books,Stories,Poems,TEXT 2 CLOSED

Mature Content

Books,Stories,Poems,TEXT 3 CLOSED
Birth Of An Angel by Lolita-Artz
Books,Stories,Poems,Text 5 CLOSED

Mature Content

Furrytales - A Ticklish Cruise Pg1 by GearGades
Books,Stories,Text 7 CLOSED

Mature Content

Furrytales - A Ticklish Cruise Pg5 by GearGades
Books, Stories,Poems,TEXT 8 CLOSED
The Cats 9 Lives 6 - The Island of Dr. Morrow Pg31 by GearGades
Books,Stories,Poems, TEXT 9 CLOSED
Youtube | Fruits Basket Kyo Sohma by shellz-art
Books,Stories,Poems, TEXT 10 CLOSED
The Cats 9 Lives 6 - The Island of Dr. Morrow Pg28 by GearGades
Books,Stories,Poems,TEXT 11 CLOSED
Licking Lions by Brok3nart
Books, Stories, Poems, TEXT 12 CLOSED
Minster Abbey. by Brok3nart
Traditional Art 23
The Perfect Smile by Xayuga
Digital Art 26
Untitled by Coscomomo
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 17
Rinoa - Angel of Stars by CrystalMoonlight1

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Hello to all the members of D.A.D!!!

If you would like to see the other artist YouTube channels or share your own channel, leave a link on the comments to your channel and a description telling us what you make videos about it!

If you are a member we will add your link to this blog so you can showcase your awesome video-making skills with the rest of the community.

For example let me plug my Youtube channel:


I do Movie effects and DIY Tutorials / Art showcase and Drawing videos/ Card manipulation, Zippo tricks and other magic content/ Yu-Gi-Oh! Pack openings, Online Duels, Art Galore and card Disscusions.
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Group Info

This is a place for everyone who wants to showcase their skills.
This is a place for everyone who desires to improve in his craft.
This is a place for ANYONE who crave recognition for his hard work.

The best artworks on each folder will be added into the Featured folder each month.

Welcome to the D.A.D
Founded 2 Years ago
May 9, 2015


12,458 Members
11,522 Watchers
416,365 Pageviews
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