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Gallery Folders

Roe deer by KarlijnVasari
MCM Q-rtz Rose cosplay 2 by kriskproductions
Colibri nest by umantsiva
Traditional Art CLOSED
+++ Panna +++ by AkiDragonManga
Chibi Mazda Miata MX-5 NA by MazdaTiger
Under the Sea by koffing109
Walk on by Kematic
Traditional Art 2 CLOSED
VV165 In A Land Called Honnah Lee by handylight
Happy Valentin's Day Angels by Kagami-Art
VV # 159Remembering The Cutest Devil by handylight
Heart~ by JetBlackDragon15
Traditional Art 3 CLOSED
Meeting Different Knuckles' by JayZeeTee16
+Space Journey WIP+ by larienne
in the cold morning | severnyi krest x aoi by TwinSkwad
A SWEET TREAT by cmoontoon
Traditional Art 4 CLOSED
The Girl of Dark Magic by Austin-Barnitz
Darth Vader attack card (Version 2) by MustafaranMonster
FairyTail 519 | Erza by AJM-FairyTail
Daddy's Almost Home by handylight
Traditional Art 5 CLOSED
Time Infinity Stone Specialty Card by MustafaranMonster
Corran Lighthouse, Scotland by handylight
Bella Notte by handylight
Jedi Temple Fortress Card by MustafaranMonster
Traditional Art 6 CLOSED
The Dead Forest by MustafaranMonster
Summer Holiday by handylight
Gannondorf Attack Card by MustafaranMonster
Provincial At Its Very Best by handylight
Traditional Art CLOSED
The Abandoned Plaground by MustafaranMonster
Longstone Lighthouse Farnes Island, England by handylight
Woodland Opening by MustafaranMonster
Buffy K by FirePokeMaster
Traditional Art 8 CLOSED
Frozen Tunnel of Trees by MustafaranMonster
VV#164 Beloved Rainy Day Friend by handylight
Fierce Diety Attack Card by MustafaranMonster
Freedom's Shadow by handylight
Traditional Art 9 CLOSED
What was that? by MustafaranMonster
Jones Point Light, Va. As She Stood by handylight
Link Attack Card (Version 4) by MustafaranMonster
VV #163 Honoring The Historic Ship Of Dreams by handylight
Traditional Art 10 CLOSED
Ruby Rose Attack Card by MustafaranMonster
Traditional Art 11 CLOSED
White and Green by MustafaranMonster
Traditional Art 12 CLOSED
Blake Belladonna Attack Card by MustafaranMonster
Traditional Art 13 CLOSED
IZ: What An Wonderful Date! by thebigblackdevil5
Traditional Art 14 CLOSED
Dewdrop #3 by dep-to-ong
Trditional Art 15 CLOSED
VV #161 Legendary River Pair by handylight
Traditional Art 16 CLOSED
Hawkgirl pencils by Jojorozian
Traditional Art 17 CLOSED
A Sort Of Sailing Day by handylight
Traditional 18 CLOSED
21st Century Schizoid Man by dwarfeater
Traditional Art 19 CLOSED
The Little Schoolhouse Light by handylight
Traditional Art 20 CLOSED
Clear Skies Over Grindle Point Light by handylight
Traditional Art 21 CLOSED
Hungry Cheetah by Jojorozian
Traditional Art 22 CLOSED
Malcolm Reynolds Inks February 2017 by Bobalob93
Traditional Art 23
Garden by Super-Chi
Digital Art CLOSED
Hunter of Wolf by 3therSpark
Digital Art 2 CLOSED
Adopt #3 ON HOLD (Price reduced) by RomaruTheUnluckyOne
Digital Art 3 CLOSED
Water Sky by Khushiart
Digital Art 4 CLOSED
Kataware-Doki by brillgk
Digital Art 5 CLOSED
Pikk. by Mario-19
Digital Art 6 CLOSED
Iron-y by Shadow-corees
Digital Art 7 CLOSED
286 by sox6
Digital Art 8 CLOSED
Mlp and Pokemon by shadow59127
Digital Art 9 CLOSED
[WOY] The Missing Scene by Margo-sama
Digital Art 10 CLOSED
[WOY] Square Stare by Margo-sama
Digital Art 11 CLOSED
Meet the Artist 2017 by EhX-KoR
Digital Art 12 CLOSED
Rudy Wade. Misfits by AsphodelGray
Digital Art 13 CLOSED
Desert Wanderer (3/4 OPEN) by Adopt-From-Frog
Digital Art 14 CLOSED
Remember When It Rained by Blossom-fur7
Digital Art 15 CLOSED
Martian Valentine by Margo-sama
Digital Art 16 CLOSED
Valentine's Day Love shooter by Chyana
Digital Art 17 CLOSED
(Valentine) Jill by TswordZ
Digital Art 18 CLOSED
Link - Breath of the Wild by chinchongcha
Digital Art 19 CLOSED
Rose 2 by KioryAlion
Digital Art 20 CLOSED
Samurai Shin by FurkanHolmes
Digital Art 21 CLOSED
Nightmare Serenade by CyberII
Digital Art 22 CLOSED
Lord of Glowing Things by Nepluz
Digital Art 23 CLOSED
VV comic: Valentine's Day by LuuPetitek
Digital Art 24 CLOSED
Ruby Rose as Callisto by MZimmer1985
Digital Art 25 CLOSED
Fairy Tail : Levy _ Fly way by MimiSempai
Digital Art 26
NieR Automata - 2B by AdryelArt
DIY, Crafts and Costumes CLOSED
You never had a chance | Kid x Law II by The-Ly
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 2 CLOSED
DP: What's Wrong, Boys,Cat Got Your Tongue? by thebigblackdevil5
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 3 CLOSED
362 - Glalie by Devi-Tiger
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 4 CLOSED
League of Legends Malzahar and Voidling Amigurumi by FluffyMochiCrafts
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 5 CLOSED
390 - Chimchar by Devi-Tiger
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 6 CLOSED
+Marshall Lee+ by Arctic-RevoIution
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 7 CLOSED
My Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Cosplay by Arctic-RevoIution
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 8 CLOSED
Lighting Demon Shan by GearGades
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 10 CLOSED
Random beasts in love. by Bluyul
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 11 CLOSED
Rikku - I'm ready to play! by SoraPaopu
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 12 CLOSED
Surf by Brok3nart
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 13 CLOSED
Yuna Final Fantasy X-2 Songstress Cosplay by Ichi-Yume-Okashi
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 14 CLOSED
DP: The Rock Star~! by thebigblackdevil5
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 15 CLOSED
Primary colours clay necklaces by queenofexecutions
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 16 CLOSED
Blue Protodrake Handmade Plushie - WoW by miaushka-workshop
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 17
Alapaca by Makicreazion
Books,Stories,Poems,TEXT CLOSED
Melody Of Death by demonrobber
Books,Stories,Poems,Text 5 CLOSED

Mature Content

Furrytales - A Ticklish Cruise Pg1 by GearGades
Books, Stories,Poems,Text 6 CLOSED
The Cats 9 Lives 6 - The Island of Dr. Morrow Pg39 by GearGades
Books, Stories,Poems,TEXT 8 CLOSED
The Cats 9 Lives 6 - The Island of Dr. Morrow Pg31 by GearGades
Books,Stories,Poems, TEXT 9 CLOSED
The Cats 9 Lives 6 - The Island of Dr. Morrow Pg41 by GearGades
Books,Stories,Poems, TEXT 10 CLOSED
The Cats 9 Lives 6 - The Island of Dr. Morrow Pg28 by GearGades
Books,Stories,Poems,TEXT 11 CLOSED
Licking Lions by Brok3nart
Books, Stories, Poems, TEXT 12 CLOSED
Draw/Color to Adopt [OPEN] by Adopt-From-Frog

Newest Members




Each month we choose from each folder three really impressive Deviations and add it into the featured folder.
By doing this we can showcase the members that deserved praise and recognition for their hard work and dedication.

Here are the artist showcased for the month of February:



Roe deer by KarlijnVasari

Colibri nest by umantsiva


One of the deep ones by Faronoa

Cysh(Commission) by Ikemura-Hiroichi

Speedies #9 by ApollinArt

DIY Crafts and Costumes:

Magical Tree of Life by Melian-art

White Raven by AnnaKostyuk

MCM Q-rtz Rose cosplay 2 by kriskproductions

Books Stories Poems TEXT:

Dracula by demonrobber

Chateau Grief 92 by chateaugrief

Titan Cafe : Americano
                                                                              Titan Cafe : Americano
                                                                                         Warning: Might contain swearing
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Name)'s POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Americano, eh? Well, I just came for a simple coffee and I think that's the simplest it gets, sooo...
After I had decided on what I wanted, I called for the waitress to take my order.
''Have you decided?'', she asked, taking out a
More Journal Entries

Group Info

This is a place for everyone who wants to showcase their skills.
This is a place for everyone who desires to improve in his craft.
This is a place for ANYONE who crave recognition for his hard work.

The best artworks on each folder will be added into the Featured folder each month.

Welcome to the D.A.D
Founded 2 Years ago
May 9, 2015


12,569 Members
11,569 Watchers
423,570 Pageviews
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