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Gallery Folders

Roe deer by KarlijnVasari
MCM Q-rtz Rose cosplay 2 by kriskproductions
Colibri nest by umantsiva
Traditional Art CLOSED
[Commission]: Payton the MazdaSpeed6 by MazdaTiger
DINO BEAN PUP by cmoontoon
Fantasy Headshots by Mokolat-Illustr
Contemplation - Acrylic on board by THollander
Traditional Art 2 CLOSED
..:: Morrigan - charmed  ::.. by TitPrince
The Boathouse Out On Dawson's Pier by handylight
Leon (Gift) by JetBlackDragon15
Low Point (Flat Point) Light Victoria , Nova Scoti by handylight
Traditional Art 3 CLOSED
Panne the Taguel Bunny by Austin-Barnitz
Favorite Momma Of The Hundred Acre Woods by handylight
Bryska by Brysiaa
Traditional Art 4 CLOSED
Kurosaki Ichigo by Penzoom
Flareon sets a blaze  by Austin-Barnitz
Cape d' or Light, Bay Of Fundy. N.S. by handylight
Traditional Art 5 CLOSED
Silver Gauntlets Specialty card by MustafaranMonster
I Say, A Bit Blustery by handylight
VV # 181 Little Frances, All Grown Up by handylight
Various characters 3. by Mario-19
Traditional Art 6 CLOSED
Sting Weapon Card by MustafaranMonster
Storm Sky Over Crisp Point Light, Mi. by handylight
Razor Sword Weapon Card by MustafaranMonster
Seashore Treasures by handylight
Traditional Art CLOSED
VV 186 There's No Place Like Home by handylight
Scrin Annihilator Tripod by MustafaranMonster
Artist by larienne
At Cape Lookout, N.C. by handylight
Traditional Art 8 CLOSED
Fortinbras Card by MustafaranMonster
VV # 185 Remembering My Indian Doll by handylight
Hamlet Card by MustafaranMonster
St. John's River Light, Fl by handylight
Traditional Art 9 CLOSED
Claudius Card by MustafaranMonster
Flower Crown by Silver-Artemis-Moon
Blizzard 2017. Not Pretty Past My Knees by handylight
Friendship Among The Stars by handylight
Traditional Art 10 CLOSED
Gertrude Card by MustafaranMonster
Traditional Art 11 CLOSED
Evening In The Bayou by handylight
Traditional Art 12 CLOSED
Joltik! by Silver-Artemis-Moon
Traditional Art 13 CLOSED
Spider-man Attack card (Version 2) by MustafaranMonster
Traditional Art 14 CLOSED
VV # 178 A Memory Of Miss Shirley by handylight
Trditional Art 15 CLOSED

Mature Content

Lakhesis in Chains'17 by CyberII
Traditional Art 16 CLOSED
New Drawing by DonyaMagdy99
Traditional Art 17 CLOSED
VV # 180 American Little Miss Snack Since 1960 by handylight
Traditional 18 CLOSED
Gundam Tanaka 2 #97 by EliTanDark
Traditional Art 19 CLOSED
Once She Was A Beauty, Now A Memory by handylight
Traditional Art 20 CLOSED
Horton High Hoedown 4/15 by MasamuneSlayer
Traditional Art 21 CLOSED
Tribal Deity Koji by MasamuneSlayer
Traditional Art 22 CLOSED
Horton High Hoedown 1/15 by MasamuneSlayer
Traditional Art 23
DmC: Dream Runner by CeciliaX
Digital Art CLOSED
[Chain chronicle fanart] Nikolas x Liam by ZaiLanth
Digital Art 2 CLOSED
DP: Madison Alexa Fenton by thebigblackdevil5
Digital Art 3 CLOSED
Len Kagamine | Cry (Redux) by Aya-DNA
Digital Art 4 CLOSED
Red Skull by Dimenran
Digital Art 5 CLOSED
Atilio. by Mario-19
Digital Art 6 CLOSED
Vintage print action by ArifulKabir
Digital Art 7 CLOSED
Fen by Muggyy
Digital Art 8 CLOSED
Commission: Mantu by Muggyy
Digital Art 9 CLOSED
Tomoe and Nanami by MariaAart
Digital Art 10 CLOSED
Happy Feet and The Pebble and the Penguin by shadow59127
Digital Art 11 CLOSED
OPEN Cuties neko (points|paypal) by Mokolat-Illustr
Digital Art 12 CLOSED
Masked Bird Adopts (1/4 OPEN) by Adopt-From-Frog
Digital Art 13 CLOSED
Similarities - MLP by shadow59127
Digital Art 14 CLOSED
Auction: Mouth Masked Adopt (CLOSED) by Adopt-From-Frog
Digital Art 15 CLOSED
Welcome Back [BATIM] by Jinx-Wolf-47
Digital Art 16 CLOSED
She is everywhere !!! by shadow59127
Digital Art 17 CLOSED
Pandemonium by lavam00
Digital Art 18 CLOSED
St Patrick's Day by Chyana
Digital Art 19 CLOSED
Zankyou no Terror by TswordZ
Digital Art 20 CLOSED
Icy psycho with another psycho by Nepluz
Digital Art 21 CLOSED
Aela the Huntress Spider Bondage1 by StickyScribbles
Digital Art 22 CLOSED
Sorceress by Straban
Digital Art 23 CLOSED
Disgaea Fanart Archer Moth Monster1 by StickyScribbles
Digital Art 24 CLOSED
keeper of stars by Ta-ak
Digital Art 25 CLOSED
Kaede by miura-n315
Digital Art 26
Wargreymon by Retlaw095
DIY, Crafts and Costumes CLOSED
Long Stem Flowey by KittysPlushies
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 2 CLOSED
16830702 1269855176463463 7838200419609180180 N by KryptonianHeart93
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 3 CLOSED
362 - Glalie by Devi-Tiger
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 4 CLOSED
League of Legends Malzahar and Voidling Amigurumi by FluffyMochiCrafts
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 5 CLOSED
390 - Chimchar by Devi-Tiger
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 6 CLOSED
Dog Boy Kiba WIP by Arctic-RevoIution
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 7 CLOSED
My Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Cosplay by Arctic-RevoIution
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 8 CLOSED
Lighting Demon Shan by GearGades
DIY,Crafts andCostumes 9 CLOSED
+Kotori Minami+ by Arctic-RevoIution
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 10 CLOSED
Random beasts in love. by Bluyul
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 11 CLOSED
Rikku - This is gonna be easy by SoraPaopu
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 12 CLOSED
Silver Haired Beauty by Arctic-RevoIution
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 13 CLOSED
Yuna Final Fantasy X-2 Songstress Cosplay by Ichi-Yume-Okashi
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 14 CLOSED
Mordred Armor cosplay - Fate/Apocrypha by DrosselTira
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 15 CLOSED
Gwen Stacy by Arctic-RevoIution
DIY,Crafts and Costumes 16 CLOSED
Tobacco Pouch Naruto by ChibiPyro
DIY, Crafts and Costumes 17
Conan Edogawa - Anime Perler Bead Sprite by MaddogsCreations
Books,Stories,Poems,TEXT 3 CLOSED
Books,Stories,Poems,Text 5 CLOSED
Mazinger series Mikene Empire - Eunigaros n Dagora by GearGades
Books, Stories,Poems,TEXT 8 CLOSED
The Cats 9 Lives 6 - The Island of Dr. Morrow Pg43 by GearGades
Books,Stories,Poems, TEXT 9 CLOSED
The Cats 9 Lives 6 - The Island of Dr. Morrow Pg47 by GearGades
Books,Stories,Poems,TEXT 11 CLOSED
Licking Lions by Brok3nart
Books, Stories, Poems, TEXT 12 CLOSED
An Evil Man by AndreeaLupsaNL

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Hello to all the members of D.A.D!!!

If you would like to see the other artist YouTube channels or share your own channel, leave a link on the comments to your channel and a description telling us what you make videos about it!

If you are a member we will add your link to this blog so you can showcase your awesome video-making skills with the rest of the community.

For example let me plug my Youtube channel:


I do Movie effects and DIY Tutorials / Art showcase and Drawing videos/ Card manipulation, Zippo tricks and other magic content/ Yu-Gi-Oh! Pack openings, Online Duels, Art Galore and card Disscusions.
More Journal Entries

Group Info

This is a place for everyone who wants to showcase their skills.
This is a place for everyone who desires to improve in his craft.
This is a place for ANYONE who crave recognition for his hard work.

The best artworks on each folder will be added into the Featured folder each month.

Welcome to the D.A.D
Founded 2 Years ago
May 9, 2015


12,625 Members
11,551 Watchers
431,117 Pageviews
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hey i wasn't sure where to post but id like you to showcase some of my art. i remember this group liked a few things i did so please take a look and if you like it ill be happy to have it submitted to a folder ;3
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